Frequently Asked Questions

"What is Beat Bridge?

Beat Bridge is a free music distribution service for artists wanting to upload their songs to online stores and streaming services. Start generating royalties today!

Why should I use Beat Bridge?

All your music should be in stores. Beat Bridge is the only service that allows you to upload unlimited music to stores for free and keep 90% of your earnings. Other services make you pay every time you upload something or takes a payment upfrony, which is much less fun (and much more expensive).

Why is Beat Bridge better?

Beat Bridge gets your music to stores much faster than our competitors. We have excellent customer service, daily statistics, a user-friendly interface, and lots of exclusive features.

It's completely free, and you can upload unlimited songs and albums.

What percentage of my sales does Beat Bridge take?


Can Beat Bridge distribute music videos?

We’re working on it; soon you’ll have this service available. For now, you can upload the video from any platform as long as you have already uploaded the track from our platform. And send us an email at with the links to make sure you receive all your royalties.»

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